White-Egg Bird's Nest Mushrooms

This species is the only member of the Crucibulum genus, being no more then a quarter of an inch wide.The "eggs" (technically called peridioles) are puffball-like packets of spores; they're dislodged by raindrops and use tiny coiled cords to hitch a ride on a passing animal… so this spore does, in a literal sense, "fall" far from the "tree." Bird's Nest mushrooms are very common in beds of old woodchip mulch; last year's empty nests are very persistent and can still be found after a long cold winter.

You can see by the branch that was on the ground, and the close ups, how tiny the bird's nests are. One can almost miss them when you are walking in the forest.

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White-Egg Birds Nest and Rosy Russula

White-Egg Birds Nest and Rosy Russula



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