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(note: do not eat these types of mushrooms!)

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The Inky Cap Mushrooms

Shaggy Stalked Parasol

Amanitas Muscaria and other Red Mushrooms


My website is not really about gathering and identifying types of mushrooms, but to give more of the whole story about our fungi that fill our world. I see their surroundings, the different types of soils, the forests around them and see them as part of a landscape with I call 'shroom-scapes'. These are a few shots that show some of the areas in which they have fruited, to see how these fragile shrooms can push their way up through rocky soils, in areas that seem impassible to the observer. Non-the-less, life will have its' way and will put on quite the show, creating beautiful miniature landscapes.

I love walking through the forests, breathing in the pungent smells, trees, soils, and flowers at times. I try to take it all in, the light filtering through the trees at different times of the day, the shadows dancing across the forest floor. Dewdrops hold the light and mirror the surroundings making scenes even more magical with the sparkles and reflections.

One has to always be on the lookout for these tiny treasures, many times hiding under bushes and yes, coming up in unexpected places. I have been surprised to find that the different species here, at least, do not come up in the same places each year. There 'seems' to be no rhyme nor reason as one might think their spores would have continued each species in the same spot. It makes for a lively hunt, discovering what comes up each year and where, which is part of the fun! ...........Kay


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Shaggy Stalked Parasol/lepiota clypeolaria

Amanitas Muscaria,Rosy Russula and other Red Mushrooms

Coccura or Amanita Lanei Mushrooms

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All images and material copright by Kay Ekwall, 2011-2020, for use by permission only


All images and material coyrighted by Kay Ekwall, 2011, for use only by permission